Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ultimate Game Card Pin Code

Here is a method of getting a free Ultimate Game Card Pin Code. This is an easy and repeatable method of getting your Ultimate Game Card Pin Codes easily and without giving away your account information.

First off, the guide can be found in my Free Ultimate Game Card post. Basically, all you have to do is sign up to a rewards website. This rewards website gets paid for every survey that is done. So to compensate you in return, they credit your account with points. When you get enough points, you are able to request certain prizes that are made available to you. One of these prizes happen to be an Ultimate Game Card. However, instead of getting the card, you are simply emailed the Ultimate Game Card pin code within a week.

This method is one of the most popular methods being used to this day in order to get UGC codes. I have personally used this to get Gpotatoes for FlyFF and Nexon Cash for Dungeon Fighters Online. This is repeatable, and you can simply do more surveys whenever you decide that you need more Nexon Cash or whatever the digital currency it is for the massively multiplayer online game of your choice.

If you have any questions or comments on the method of getting a free Ultimate Game Card pin code, leave a comment below.

Monday, June 7, 2010

How To Use An Ultimate Game Card

The Ultimate Game Card is a prepaid card that is accepted by over 200 mmorpg's in order to allow you to acquire premium items in the MMO of your choice. However, some of you may be confused on how this card is used, if so, feel free to read the guide below to educate you on the way to use them.

First of all, you should check out the free Ultimate Game Card guide that is found on my website. It is a way for you to be able to get Free Ultimate Game Card codes for simply registering to a rewards website and doing surveys. This is was the method I use to get my UGC codes to I can redeem it for Nexon Cash to use in Dungeon Fighter Online. If you are interested, simply follow the link that I provided above and read the guide so you can get free codes too.

For those of you who have Ultimate Game Cards at the moment and are wondering how to use them, here is the guide. First of all, confirm that the card is compatible with the MMO of your choice by checking the official Ultimate Game Card website. If it is compatible, then you locate the code on your card. When you have, sign on to the website of an MMO of your choice, and then visit hte section that allows you to purchase the form of currency. The term usually used is "Charge ____" or "Purchase _____". When you get to that stage, the website will give you various forms of payment. The PayByCash method is the method that you will use, which will then simply require you to input your Ultimate Game Card code.

This prepaid card is a great purchase, or gift, for those of you who are weary about releasing your credit card information. It is safe, secure, and a convenient method of getting the premium items that you so desire for the MMO of your choice. If you have any questions or comments about the process, feel free to leave a comment.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Free Nexon Cash via Ultimate Game Card

 Nexon online multiplayer games support the use of Ultimate Game Cards to acquire the virtual currency known as Nexon Cash. If you are curious of a way to be able to get Free Nexon Cash by getting an Ultimate Game Card code, read on.

Nexon is one of the leading MMO companies to this date. They are the publishers of immensely popular games such as MapleStory, Dungeon Fighters Online and Combat Arms. All of the previously mentioned games are available to play for free, thanks to a free system that makes use of a premium item mall, you can play as much as you want. However, if you want to be able to wield premium items, you will need to purchase it from the cash shop.

There is a method that allows you to get Free Ultimate Game Cards just by doing surveys. This is one of the most reliable methods of getting Free Nexon Cash, because it does not require much effort on your part and it is repeatable. During my time playing Dungeon Fighter Online, this was my main method of getting premium items. This does not get you banned and it does not require any account information to be entered at all.

After signing up on the rewards website, which can be located at the link above, you need to do enough surveys to get the required amount of points. After you have the required amount of points, you simply request your Free Ultimate Game Card and within 1 - 3 days your code will arrive via email. Then log on the official Nexon website and redeem your Ultimate Game Card code through the PayByCash option. Then the appropriate amount of Nexon Cash will be awarded to your account.'

So if you want Free Nexon Cash, you can get it by getting a Free Ultimate Game Card by following this guide. If you have any questions regarding this method or ways of getting Free Nexon Cash, feel free to leave a comment.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How To Get a Free Ultimate Game Card

Are you wondering how to get a free Ultimate Game Card? For those of you who don't know, Ultimate Game Cards have codes that are redeemed to allow you to get premium items in over 200 mmorpgs. This includes Runescape, Gpotato Games, Nexon games and more.

There are thousands of people that do this per month in order to get their premium items for their mmorpgs. I personally have used this for Dungeon Fighters, a Nexon mmorpg that allows you to use Ultimate Game Cards to get potions and special items. This method simply requires you to sign up to a rewards website. After signing up, you do surveys on the rewards website for points. You can then use these points to request prizes or rewards, which includes a $10 Ultimate Game Card.

I once wondered how to get a Free Ultimate Game Card too. So I know that you may become desperate and begin to look for an Ultimate Game Card generator. I can tell you right now, any generator that claims to be able to give you an Ultimate Game Card code for free is fake. Why? Because there is a complex code generating and ratifying process that the official website uses in order to distribute their codes. Any programmer or hacker that claims to have replicated this generator is quite simply lying or on their way to court. Any hacker who would manage to complete this feat would instantly be sued for any money lost by the distribution of these codes.

This is currently the safest and most popular method of getting an Ultimate Game Card code. These codes are emailed directly to you within a matter of three to five days. After receiving the code, you visit the mmorpg website of your choice. You go to their item mall, or cash shop, whatever it may be called, and then charge your virtual currency. To do this, they often give you a "PayByCash" option, which is where you enter the code you received via email.

Enjoy your Free Ultimate Game Card code. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a message.