About Me

Dungeon Fighter Online
  Hello, my name is Travyse. I choose not to disclose my full name for the sake of keeping a select few people from searching me up on Google, heh. I am a highschool senior whom will be entering an engineering college fairly soon.  I will most likely major in Computer Science, and I am currently keeping this blog as a means of entertainment. Ultimate Game Cards are a very useful card for many mmorpg and video game fans. Ranging from Facebook to some of the most popular games online, such as Runescape, you can use the code found on the Ultimate Game Card in order to allow you to acquire premium items.

This blog will update you with the latest mmorpg news and also detail you with the latest ways of getting a Free Ultimate Game Card. Every individual post will be about video games or, in some cases, me giving away an Ultimate Game Card code for free.

For the curious: The games I currently or will be playing that make use of the Ultimate Game Card are FlyFF, Dungeon Fighters and Maple Story. Three of the best, arguably, free to play mmorpg's available to date. Feel free to leave a comment or concern if you have any questions for me.