Friday, August 28, 2009

Runescape HD Ultimate Game Card

So if you're a Runescape player, and you receive an Ultimate Game Card, you can even use that to your advantage! Jagex does indeed accept the Ultimate Game Card as a payment option for it's extremely popular game, Runescape. To redeem your code, you can simply visit the Runescape HD website, and search for the PayByCash option. There, you just redeem your Ultimate Game Card code and youc an start playing the game as an exclusive member.

Member's get to enjoy much more than just the free players on Runescape. You get to enjoy the Runescape HD, exclusive content, new skills, more area's on the map, and more quests to play. Most Runescape players won't get to fully enjoy what it has to offer until you become a member yourself. You really get to do more once you are one. Including members only mini games and servers solely dedicated to members. It's a very rewarding thing, to be honest.

If you've read my first post, you're most likely on your way to getting your Free Ultimate Game Card code, meaning if you're a Runescape fan, you can use the code to help you become a member!

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